Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Kansas City Real Estate Hype Starts Now

The magical time of year when EVERYBODY thinks they're living in a gold mine begins all over again as all of Kansas City awaits warmer weather in search of the Greater Fool . . .

Realtors hope Spring brings thaw in KC housing market

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City's seemingly endless winter has put the housing market on ice. "It's been very tough," Sherri Oaks, real estate agent with ReeceNichole Real Estate, said. "Open houses happen on the weekends and so has mother nature." Realtors across the metro are seeing a big decline in the market.


Fleece Nichols said...

Keep Hope Alive...

Anonymous said...

with the condo boom everyone wants to buy single family houses and there's very little supply. House prices in KC are going to keep going up. KC is always a few years behind the coasts in real estate prices and the coasts exploded in prices 3-4 years ago and it's not coming down any time soon.

Don't listen to people who say there will be another crash. they want to sound smart while knowing nothing. They did away with sub prime shit and and there's not much new construction of single families going on.

Anonymous said...

The paycheck to paycheck economy is going to implode.

The government shutdown proved even missing one check means going to the food bank.

Consumers are up to their eyeballs in debt. They are drowning in $1.5 trillion of student loans before they got their first job. 90 day delinquencies make up 9.1% of all student loans, totaling $166 billion. 90 day auto loan delinquencies jumped to a 19 year high last month. Late farm loans are at a 9 year high as Trump's tariffs are killing them.

Trump's biggest broken promise not bringing good paying jobs back to the US. The trade debt is at record highs. Coal plants continue to close. Auto plants are closing. Harley closed their KC plant. Big box retailers are closing thousands of locations ahead of bankruptcies to come. Medical bankruptcies will start to rise again as people start buying Trumpcare's junk insurance and find out they aren't covered when they get sick.

Of course housing is slumping. The middle class is gone. The working class can't afford it. The Trump recession is going to be brutal and it's unfolding before us now.