Friday, March 15, 2019

Kansas City Ranks Among 'SMALLER' Towns To Celebrate St. Paddy's Day

Thankfully, the offer just a bit of reassurance and not that "it might not be that small" which is all the confidence boost we require to dive right in . . . Checkit:

7 Smaller Cities with Great St. Patrick's Day Celebrations - Blog

New York City has America's largest St. Patrick's Day parade. Chicago famously dyes the Chicago River green. Boston is, well, Boston. Every big city in America has a traditional Irish parade, starting with the nation's first in Philadelphia in 1771. Brandishing your "Erin Go Bragh" has its charms in the big city, but smaller cities around the U.S.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the drunker brawls and random hoodrat gunfire won't be enough to make this shrunken remnant the last Kansas City "St. Drunkric's Day" Parade.

Anonymous said...

That's just a small taste of reality in contrast with the endless breathless hype about KCMO from Sly and his groupies.
KCMO IS a small mid-western town.
It's not Brooklyn or Portland.
And the metro has a lot going for it IN SPITE OF what passes for local government in KCMO.
Trying to live a life of "branding" is tiresome and embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Yes Yes after all we have 25 million tourists and momentum.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City might rank among 'smaller' towns to celebrate St. Paddy's Day but it is way ahead of most of the bigger towns when it comes to murder rates and public debt per capita, number 6 and number 8 respectively.
Those are world class big town rankings.
These rankings are something every citizen should embrace and wear a t-shirt stating such rankings to the parade.