Saturday, March 23, 2019

Kansas City 'Queer Eye' Restaurant Tour

The latest Internets sensation examined from a local foodie perspective . . . A worthwhile tidbit for a glimpse at how celebrities view Kansas City. Checkit:

A Guide to All of the Kansas City Restaurants Featured on Season 3 of Queer Eye

We kind of can't handle how good Kansas City is looking in the new season of Queer Eye, which was filmed in town over the course of several months last year. The boulevards are beautiful, the fountains are sparkling, and our food scene even gets to have its own special moment (many moments, in fact!)


Anonymous said...

Nice to see the city getting some positive press for a change.

Anonymous said...

If five queers is the best we can do for “positive press” then we are DOOMED! Hahahahaha!

Hernandez Smoke and Mirrors Company said...

World Class!

Anonymous said...

Got no problem with people of the queer persuasion. But those fucking hipsters ... alien clones! They all wear the same stupid hat and the same stupid beard and the same stupid skinny pants. Plus which they're all (let's face it) socio-economically low-rent, which is why they are here.

Anonymous said...


Tired of their usual burger and fries, the posse went in search of foot-longs!!!