Thursday, March 28, 2019

Kansas City Public Radio Plays Race Card Amid Upcoming Pathetic Primary

The upcoming mayoral contest is one of the most pathetic we've seen in a a decade. Powered by taxpayer dollars and viewers like you. KCUR attempts to make it worse by way of divisive identity politics.

Take a listen to their nasty attempt to sell racial avarice to supposedly "progressive" audiences. Checkit:

The Role Of Race In The Race For Kansas City Mayor


Anonymous said...

For loading up Noah's Ark, picking each species of animal two-by-two might have been a pretty good idea.
But for hiring or electing candidates, maybe "what" they are should take a back seat to their interests, experience, expertise, dedication, and abilities.
Of course, listening to KCUR would tend to have you believe that those criteria are not regularly applied to their own staff.
Lots of ideas and suggestions and no responsibility for results.
What a great job!

Anonymous said...

KCUR, taxpayer funded libtard station. Racist, you betcha I am. They probably would like to see Smollett run for White House. Fuck KCUR and all their devoted queer listeners.

Anonymous said...

^^Hey buddy, calm down. You seem butt-hurt. Do you need a safespace? Fucking shit-flake! You're melting down!

Steve Crack Skee said...

Okay coming up next walkable restrooms!

Anonymous said...

8:04 What are you or kcur going to do about it queenie? thought so, neither one of you can do anything about it or have any balls to do anything about it.

By the way, he’s right and you know it.

Anonymous said...

^^I'm gonna do as much about it as you are pedo! That's right....I'm gonna cry about it on a blog, then I'm gonna shit myself! That's right I'm gonna fill up a diaper load like you do! Fucking shit-flake!!! Come little gurl...cry some more...Whaaaaa!!!!! LOSER!

Anonymous said...


"No candidates who are Latino, Asian or Native American."
BECAUSE none did the work to become a candidate.

"Cleaver remembers one resident boldly stating in an interview that she would never vote for him because he would give free housing to black people."
Thousands of KC residents remember Cleaver failing to pay a million-dollar court-ordered judgment, his failed Green Impact Zone which squandered millions of taxpayer dollars, his personal travel on taxpayer's dime, and his extended families reliance upon political patronage for employment.

“We cannot avoid discussions about race when they are so pertinent as candidates of color,” Wately says.
Of course, if a white person had said the same thing, they'd be vilified as a racist.

Another example: “I can’t separate as a black woman being black, being a woman and politics. Those things are inseparable,” Watley says. “They are very much intertwined and they make up who I am and they help aid in my decision-making process."
But if a white man spoke the same way in regards to his race and gender, then he's called a racist KKK or Nazi.

"Edgar Palacios is a Latinx community leader who focuses on education. None of the 11 mayoral candidates are Latino."
None of the mayoral candidates are Latino BECAUSE no Latino person chose to be a candidate! Please don't blame others.

Michelle Johnson sounds very much like an illogical social justice warrior tilting at windmills.

Anonymous said...

^^TL/DR. Written by a moron. Hard pass.

Anonymous said...

They all suck eggs. Follow the money and that is the new mayor. Flint=KC. Expect nothing and receive less. Do the Kansas City nice tap dance and shuffle to the beat of a new (old) master. Unhinged, illegal campaign activities, cornered, defensiveness, opposite resolutions, delusional to think and sad to see how most do not care about this city. Just self grandiose idiotic ideas getting passed to greasy palms and pockets. City, state, govt only as good as leadership.

Anonymous said...

12:49 comment

TL/DR is his favorite abbreviation for himself.
It stands for: Testicles Lost / Dick Removed

12:49 is a transgender woman in transition.