Saturday, March 30, 2019

Kansas City Police Looking For White Minivan After Latest Local Murder

Quick glimpse of a car connected to an unsolved homicide case, click here for a better look:

KCPD seeks white minivan in connection with homicide

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Homicide detectives with the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department are hoping to speak with the driver of a white minivan in connection with a homicide that occurred Thursday . KCPD released two photos a vehicle of interest in the shooting death of Joseph D. Corum.


KC Government Sucks said...

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Personal vehicle property tax payers who live in Kansas City, Missouri, are hoping to speak with the local government to find out Why the fuck our roads are shit! We have way less homicides than potholes, to fix a bucket full of problems you need to fix the ones first that effect the majority otherwise no one truley cares about much else!

Anonymous said...


Ban minivans now to protect the kids.

(PSA brought to you courtesy of SUV Manufacturers of America)

Anonymous said...