Kansas City Petitioners To 'Save The Paseo' Seem Hopeful Despite Paltry Turnout

A more optimistic take on this effort, a half a dozen people need 1,708 signatures to stall a controversial plan. Checkit:

Save the Paseo Petitioners officially hit the streets


  1. Don’t worry. Big signup push underway this weekend!

  2. Word on the street is sLIE and company will punish those who sign the petition

  3. The Faggots of Crossroads3/15/19, 7:44 PM

    The Martin Luther King Max. All the buses can be painted in his likeness.

  4. Who cares. The money is gone and it is not coming back. Maybe they will keep it clean of snow and fix the road.

  5. Sad to see Northeast News go this way. They wouldn't even bother to do this story if some of the people in that story weren't paying them.

  6. All that complaining on social media and can't get any signatures. Tsk tsk

  7. ^^^^ Excellent point.


  8. Isn't this all backwards? What's done is done. There's a new racial divide and the people of KC got screwed again, move on.

  9. Smiling Jack3/15/19, 9:33 PM

    Tough to get enough signatures for this, since under the City Charter the Council had to have "...signed Agreements from 75% of the owners of property abutting the thoroughfare for which the name change is proposed..." before they could change the name.

    I mean, they did, didn't they?
    Surely our Mayor and a majority of Council Members wouldn't knowing violate the provisions of the City Charter!
    After all, that's the bedrock on which every one of their actions, duties, responsibilities, and even their salaries are based.
    If they deliberately violated the Charter, they have invalidated every action they have taken since they took office!

  10. The city charter is a very weak wall when it comes to standing in the way of the east-side usual suspects bullying and threatening the spineless electeds at 12th and Oak.
    Not even a close contest!
    Has Sly or anyone at city hall ever been honest and announced just how much the King family will be paid by the KCMO taxpayers in perpetuity?

  11. MLK Blvd = Warning Negros Ahead

  12. 8:19, Looking through that story and don't see anyone paying us for that coverage. Additionally, when we DO run sponsored content, is is labeled as such. Bunny the Newshound has editorialized against the change to MLK for months. Other staffers have written straight up news pieces about it as well so I'm really not sure where your comment stems from.


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