Saturday, March 23, 2019

Kansas City Parking Revival?!?!?

Urban planner blog offers a competition and more hype regarding Downtown momentum. Take a look:

Parking Madness 2019 First Round Battle: Kansas City vs. Minneapolis

There's March Madness. And then there's Parking Madness. Our 2019 tournament starts today. This year is different. Rather than scoping all the saddest urban parking dead zones, we're looking at the cities that have turned parking craters into beloved urban places. Let's start with the first two of 16 pairs: two Midwestern downtowns that have come a long way.


Anonymous said...

Parking in downtown KC is a running joke. (No pun intended)

One needs to look no Further than Nashville for solutions. Nashville figures it out and has progressive lots that rely on automated systems and knows how get unified parking in summary albeit, per se... ad nauseas.

After many of the new apartment condos go section 8, downtown will go the way of dandelion effects whereas hereby the seeds spread and so do the residents. Look for fed funding to never come for trolley extensions and the city continues to support the rich with free trolley service and hammer the working poor with Paid bus services.

Besides the skyrocketing crime rate- what is BowTie’s legacy?

Anonymous said...

Love riding the toy train past my homeless brothers, otherwise I'd have to walk by them and smell their body odor. Thanks toy train.