Monday, March 18, 2019

Kansas City Opportunity Zones: Big Money Government Giveaway Or Speculator Trap?!?!

The biz journal is hyping this investment touted by the Feds . . . Whilst this might put many on a path to riches by way of government freebies, these sketchy deals have also put more than a few local investment deals behind bars.

Check the headline and a link to more info for subscribers . . .

KC Biz Journal: Real estate investors expected to unlock trillions as feds finalize Opportunity Zone rules. Here's where the money is likely to flow in Kansas City

Money line:

"Kansas has had 74 tracts approved, and Missouri 161.There are five zones in Kansas City — three east of Troost Avenue, one in Martin City and one in the Blue River Valley industrial corridor.

"The new rules are expected to trigger a flood of deal making among commercial property investors, particularly landlords with properties that have appreciated significantly in value over years, if not decades."

Developing . . .


Anonymous Back and Side Door Enterprises LLC.. 414 E 12th St #105 said...

Let's Make a Deal

Anonymous said...

^^^ However, taxpayers please use front door; bend over immediately upon entering.