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First off, this lineup of hotties inspires a quick fashion industry update. Take a look:

Guardian: Wellness is swallowing the fashion industry whole. Should I switch camps?

Fashion United: Anti_Fashion Project: pushing for a more circular fashion industry

Fashionista: Why Does the Burden of Creating Inclusivity in Fashion Fall Largely on Marginalized Groups?

Quick collection of Kansas City upbeat news for our late night denizens who desire a bit of optimism amid the wee hours . . .

Help This Kansas City Soldier

Veteran who spent his life building homes for others, in danger of losing his own

Kansas City, MO - Fred Tatum is a veteran of the Korean war, and a widower of 20 plus years. He used to run large construction jobs, and spent a lifetime building homes for other people. Now, Tatum is in danger of losing his own home, built by his own two hands.

Fanboy Gamer Hero Revealed

Meet the Royals employee whose gaming went viral

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Typically, ' s not exactly an exciting place to be in the month of January. It's cold outside, and Opening Day is more than two months away. But in January 2019, Kauffman Stadium was the center of attention on social media for a reason having nothing to do with baseball.

Fear Golden Ghetto Water Sports

OPPD issues warning about high school, water-gun hijinks

Overland Park police recently issued a warning for parents with high-school aged students about the assassin game. This is the time of year when seniors start playing a game in which they stalk a target and shoot them with a water gun.

Local Booze News Update

Tap List | Red Crow Brewing Co. Is Open in Olathe

A little over a year after relocating from Spring Hill, Kansas, to Olathe, Kansas, Red Crow Brewing Co. is now open. Red Crow (1062 W. Santa Fe Drive) is initially serving three beers: Louise (an IPA), Isabelle (a Belgian blonde) and Donna (wheat).

Pix: Hipster Legacy Locally

Weezer and the Pixies, last night at Sprint Center (photos, setlist)

Weezer / Pixies Sprint Center Tuesday, March 26 Weezer is enjoying another "moment," thanks to a * checks notes* Toto cover? OK, then. The band has gone for the "wholesome" corner of the market in recent years - no more songs about frontman Rivers Cuomo wanting to have sex with underage half-Japanese girls.

King Of Kansas City Rappers Keeps Crown

Chronicle - Tech N9ne: The King, The Clown, and The G

To view Chronicle - Tech N9ne: The King, The Clown, and The G in its entirety, scroll to the video at the bottom of this article.

Hype For The Future

Andy Reid and Clark Hunt talk about Patrick Mahomes at league meetings in Phoenix

As reported by USA Today's Mike Jones, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid did manage to address some topics besides the ongoing Tyreek Hill investigation on Tuesday - particularly the challenges third-year quarterback Patrick Mahomes will face during the 2019 season.

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