Kansas City Monday Memories: JOURNALISM

Corporate writers offer this overly sentimental and melancholy account of their newsie memories that were mostly spend enforcing the status quo which is now changing and dominated by silicon valley algorithms or the very few lucky newsies who caught on at taxpayer funded public radio doing work at newbie freelance rates. Read more:

Retiring Kansas City Star Journalists Reflect On A Changing Media Landscape

A little more than a week after 10 longtime journalists took their leave from the Kansas City Star in what was seen by some people as a blow to local journalism, former police and courts reporter Tony Rizzo was enjoying his new-found free time. "So far I haven't missed it at all, actually," he said.


  1. Well he is right. The KC Star never did stories on KCK and never really covered JOCO. They eventually tried to with their “913” section, but looking back I think the culture of the KC Star had disdain for JOCO. It’s a failing paper anyway. If they didn’t have Sam Brownback or kris Kobach they wouldn’t have had anything to talk about.

  2. Will the last employee standing not stabbed in the back please turn out the lights?

  3. Lewis Diuguid, Mary Sanchez, and Barbara Shelly destroyed the KC Star.

  4. ^^^...and yet it's still here. Weird.

    1. ^^^...and yes, you're the weirdest of Weirdos, still here, being weird.

  5. Newspaper subscriptions are now becoming a luxury item only the well to do can afford.

    The easily manipulated herds are stuck with the internet.

  6. I miss Yael. Hve the cannibals eaten him yet and shrunken that bald assed head of his.

  7. bye felicia


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