Monday, March 04, 2019

Kansas City META Podcast Blogging

Call it social (media) penetration theory or maybe the digital version of Proust's tea cookies . . . We suggest our favorite podcast that's reviewing another podcast MAYBE because Elon Musk figured out we're all living in a computer simulation.

Take a listen:

My Favorite Podcasts May Be The Death of Me | HeSaysSheSaysKC

I'm a HUGE fan of podcasts. And my listenership goes beyond "The Hump!" I know that might surprise some of you out there that I have other favorite podcasts. ; ) Beyond listening to Brent and Chad's show, what are some great podcasts? I've discovered many that have grabbed my attention.


Anonymous said...

That's META dude. Also, both of these are great podcasts.

Anonymous said...

Podcast roflmao

Anonymous said...

Oh ma god their combined worldly experience makes me jealous with envy

Anonymous said...

MO Rage is about as relevant in life as the geezer hater is. Two nobodies who could die tomorrow and nobody would care.

Anonymous said...

^^...and yet here you are talking about both! Hmmmm. Weird.