Kansas City Mayoral Race Cash Ranking

Quick look at some of the highlights from recent campaign finance reporting without all of the wordy journalistic hack posturing . . . Here's the latest on this $2-MILLION election . . .

- The candidates with most monetary contributions received this period: Council Lady Jolie Justus with $149,261, Miller with $111,796. Next closest is Lucas with $35,555

- Candidates with most cash left to spend are: Steve Miller with $192,759, Quinton Lucas with $140,629 and Jermaine Reed with $105,659

- Remember when Mark Funkhouser won in a crowded field just like this one he had nearly the lowest amount of cash raised and money on hand.

- Councilman Wagner's leadership fund still hasn't filed their 8-day out report.

- Council Lady Jolie Justus continues spending a FORTUNE on Youtube pre-roll adverts when most of the video social media channel KC metro viewers are younger, suburban and don't vote in KCMO elections. 

You decide . . .


  1. The consultants win this thing. Hands down.

  2. Anybody but Jolie Justus

  3. Anyone but Justus! We don't need more of the same shit we've had for the past several years.

  4. Sly's parting gift.... Have fun! And Keep It Frosty!

    Kansas City neighborhood, dealing with crime and trauma it spawns, looks to next mayor

    Kansas City neighborhood leaders say they are besieged by crime, prostitution, drug trafficking, blight and decay. They seek answers from Kansas City police, mayoral candidates and the city council ahead of this spring’s municipal election.

  5. The Killa' City Mayoral Lineup3/26/19, 4:28 PM

    The best gubbermint money can buy

  6. Hernandez Smoke and Mirrors Company3/26/19, 4:34 PM

    The debates have been lively, vibrant, and robust. HUGE public turnouts. Visit the Star Editorial Board for more information. And listen to KCUR tomorrow, and oh, why not enjoy a glass of clean, clear, pure and fresh water! Ward Parkway repaired and more.....

  7. May not be ethical, but it's legal3/26/19, 4:36 PM

    A smart and well dressed lineup.

  8. The Renaissance Is Complete3/26/19, 4:42 PM

    Time to raise rents, and taxes to pay for all this fugly shit. Sly's debts aren't payable but hell we can pretend can't we?

  9. People actually contributed over $100,000 to Jermaine Reed?
    That should automatically disqualify them from voting.
    But you just can't fix stupid.
    And especially THAT stupid!

  10. To get our fair share of tax dollars the Northland needs to vote for Scott Wagner. To many dollars going to the downtown area and other being left out


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