Kansas City Mayor Job Description: Other Than Bid Rigging And Self-Promotion

A reminder that the top job at City Hall doesn't have as much power as local voters would like to think and a coalition among the new council will be nearly impossible to maintain. Read more:

Before You Vote For Kansas City Mayor, Here's What That Job Actually Involves

Before you hire someone for a position, you need at least two things: a job description and what qualifies someone to perform that job. Those two pieces of information should also be at the forefront of a voter's mind while reviewing a slate of candidates.


  1. Right we'll be sure to take the advise of a freelance writer and place that ahead of all discernment, experience, and logic.

  2. Didn't get Masters Cuz of Technicality3/20/19, 6:19 PM


  3. KCUR left out the part about lying to the citizens of the community.

  4. ^^^ And abandoning the citizens and infrastructure for huge money give always to the developers

  5. 6:29 on the money. Sly lies more than anything else that he does.

  6. If Jolie is elected, which will she do more: eat pussy or lie?

  7. Mr. Diversity3/21/19, 12:01 AM

    Sorry East-siders! I expect and demand your votes because I be black like you. Your kids do not need to play baseball at Satchel Paige this year 'cause it be mo important to finance MLK blvd and keep the jazz goin' at 18th. Now you get ready to vote for me to be your mayor, and I'' stop by now and then after I meets wid the downtown developers and investors. You hear now?


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