Kansas City Lady Suffering Cancer Sues Harley For Disability Discrimination

This motorcycle company was EXCEPTIONALLY callous to all of their employees but this case stands out. Headline tells the story with more deets for subscribers following the link. Take a look:

Lawsuit: Harley-Davidson laid off KC woman after cancer diagnosis - Kansas City Business Journal

R.R. Reed, who worked for Harley-Davidson Inc. in Kansas City from 2014 to 2017, accuses the company of illegally laying her off and dropping her from its health insurance plan after she was diagnosed with cancer.


  1. Be nice if we could read that crap on Biz Journal

  2. While you have to feel sorry for the lady having cancer and all but why is an employer to be held responsible to allow you benefits in a form others don't get. Plus she was part time it sounds like so seniority issues will come here that maybe she isn't privy to. Plus many places will drop you off the insurance program after not working just 30 days. This whole thing just does not ring true here.


  3. She still is, or was, eligible for COBRA coverage. It's expensive, but if you have cancer it's worth the money.

  4. COBRA is aptly named, 'cause it really sinks it's fangs into ya.

  5. While on the subject of Harleys happy to hear less and less of the pieces of shit on the roads as they all break down.


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