Kansas City Irish Community Challenges Stereotypes This St. Patrick's Day Weekend

EXCEPTIONAL Post from the Irish Fest blog offer a glimpse of good-old-fashioned American commerce propagating divisive rhetoric aimed at an ethnic group . . . In a post that's informative and not that preachy at all. Here's a look at some of the talking points we all take for granted this time of year but would decry if they were aimed at any other group . . . Checkit:

Irish Pride?

So in my duties as St. Patrick's Day float designer, I had to stop in at a local party goods store Wednesday to get a couple last minute items for our soon-to-be-prize-winning entry in Sunday's parade. And I saw these items for sale. I'm not easily offended, I swear.


  1. St Patrick's Day as far back as I can remember has always been about getting drunk and eating cabbage and corned beef. Go to any St Pats day parade and half the floats are as silly looking as what most of the crowd is wearing. New Years Eve and St Patrick's Day both are when the amatures come out to eat, puke and pass out.

    Green Beer?????/ Come on who wants to drink green beer, only some idiot in a McDrunk O Meter hat.


  2. Well we could create a Italian Day and blow each other up or a Muslim Day and dress up like grim reapers and guess which one has a bomb strapped to their selves.
    I don't drink alcohol but I'll take the corned beef and cabbage.

    1. We could have a Queer Day and the queers could just blow each other

  3. ^^^"Well we could create a Italian Day and blow each other up"...
    Google "Irish Republican Army" next time, before you post something else that makes you sound like a total ass.

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  5. I am offended by the degrading of the Irish heritage. This must stop. I don’t degrade the African heritage or the Mexican heritage. Maybe I should sue the city for allowing this to occur.

  6. If it was drunk blacks day we'd have several shootings.

  7. Every day is drunk blacks day. Especially if Ripple is on sale.


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