Kansas City Hipsters Deface Rocks

A NEXTGEN pastime for people who have never been mugged. Read more about the trend among people who have been lovingly and carefully protected from the reality of Kansas City real life . . .

Why Thousands Of People Around Kansas City Are Painting Kind Words On Rocks

Karen Houck referred to her grief as a "bag of rocks" for years before she ever painted one or lived in a Lee's Summit house landscaped with a hundred tons of them. In New Jersey in 2011, Houck's teenage daughter Alyssa died of an accidental prescription drug overdose.


  1. Elizabeth Holmes was the world's youngest self-made woman billionaire3/17/19, 9:11 AM

    Be nice and don't ask questions

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  3. Rocky (Not Bullwinkle)3/17/19, 10:50 AM

    I'm working on some "Andrew Yang 2020 " rocks in my rock painting studio.

  4. "police and city codes inspectors to try to get the messages removed as quickly as possible." -Ch 4

  5. Rocks left in KCMO should have useful messages like “Duck!” or “Call 911”

  6. @9:23 that's all? Never even talked or supported her when she needed someone to talk to? Just fucked her. What a pal.


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