Sunday, March 17, 2019

Kansas City High Art War Crime Redux

A glimpse at a money fight among the elite that continues long after Hitler shot himself and his lady and then all of his top scientists help the U.S. fake the moon landing. Read more:

Meet The Kansas City Gumshoe Who Uncovers The Stories Of The Nelson-Atkins' Nazi-Looted Art

You might not know it from looking at her business card, but MacKenzie Mallon is a detective of sorts. Mallon is the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art's specialist in provenance, which means she researches the records of ownership for works in the museum's collection.


Side and Back Door Enterprises LLC - 414 E 12th St #105 said...

This is very very robust and very very vibrant.

Anonymous said...

The Nazis stole that art fair and square, mostly from French homosexuals, who never tried to defend their gay country. The art should rightfully be sent to Germany.

Anonymous said...

I knew a guy who's granddad was a Nazi Colonel. He was living in St Louis when he got drafted into the German Army and came back a hero for returning loot.