Kansas City Gunfire Inspiration

Great write-up of this Kansas City story that deserves a second look for Sunday because it's indicative of rising violence on local streets. Checkit:

'God's Protection Is Real:' Bullet Fired into Kansas Woman's Home Stopped by Plaque of Lord's Prayer

Constance Effie of Kansas City says it's a miracle she and her husband are alive after a bullet flew through her home. Effie, 70, said the pair were sitting in their living room Saturday evening when a blast tore through a wall, just above her head.


  1. This is awesome but according to Byron he would have wanted someone hurt so he could blame Republicans and Christians.

  2. ^^^^ poor bLIEron, his hate has “blinded” him. His life is over because nobody will ever love him, he has daddy and big brother issues that will go to the grave with him. Will anybody show up for his funeral? Would anyone even know? Doubtful, this is the life he created for himself so......


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