Friday, March 08, 2019

Kansas City Friday Night Lights & Links

Local tribute to fĂștbol loyalists . . .

Sporting: Everything you need to know about the Fan Appreciation Match on Sunday

Closer to home, here are the news links worth a peek tonight that most revolve around shutting the lights off, take a look . . .

Kansas City Chuckle Hut Incubator

Aspiring comedians living on the spectrum take stage to find humor in autism

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Aspiring comedians took to the stage Friday at the Plexpod Commons in Westport, some of them had never been in front of a live audience. Their material came from a different kind of experience. Like every good comedian, Joe Harman draws on his life, living independently as an adult with autism.

Fate Of INSTEAD's JoCo

Raising Cane's wants to take Lenexa Winstead's location | The Kansas City Star

Raising Cane's is going through planning to open at 12056 W. 95th St., longtime home of locally owned Winstead's. Winstead's owner said the landlord hasn't told him a new restaurant wants the spot.


Northland pizza staple Kelso's to close next week

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A restaurant that has long been a staple in the Northland has announced it will be closing. a pizza shop, said Thursday it will close its doors for the last time on Tuesday, March 12. Kelso's opened 50 years ago on the square in Liberty, according to a Facebook post.

Street Tech Overview

Crews use high-tech asphalt truck to burn up potholes

An infrared asphalt repair truck burns the pothole. Crews rake out the debris, filling the warm pothole with fresh asphalt.

Meth Town Blight Fight

Future of Independence eyesore remains unknown

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - People in Independence, Missouri are upset over a building they have called an eyesore for more than a decade. 41 Action News first reported the after neighbors said their concerns were not being addressed. The building, located at 1106 W. Lexington Avenue, sits across the street from several homes and churches.

Greg Still Going Strong

'Brady Bunch' star Barry Williams in Kansas City this weekend

Actor Barry Williams, who played Greg Brady in the "Brady Bunch" is in Kansas City this weekend.

Kansas City Playoff FAIL Advocacy

Chiefs officially submit proposal to change overtime rules, also want review of personal fouls

The NFL's 2019 rules change proposals were submitted to all teams in the league Friday, as announced by the league's official football operations account.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Is the toy train to blame for Kelso closing too?

Anonymous said...

If KCMO starts using a high-tech asphalt truck to burn up potholes it will definitely put the pothole pansy program out of commission.

Anonymous said...

Kelso's pizza simply was not very good.

Anonymous said...

@11:04 nailed it, with all the growth in new bars, restaurants, and other entertainment venues in Northtown, both Kelso's and Chappells were doomed.

Too old and stogy for the new evening crowds, and either unwilling or unable to change with the times.

The "New Chappells" (aka Old Chappells version 2) should be closing by summer, same lousy food and service with the carpet cleaned.

By the way P&L District, Westport and Plaza regulars, it's terrible North of The River, you wouldn't want to go there, stay with your comfort zones.

Anonymous said...

Tony's KC is simply not very good, and yet it persists...