Kansas City Folk Scene Culture War?!?!

A lot of people don't know it but there's a very vibrant community of folk, Americana and "old-timey" musicians who congregate in Kansas City. Sadly, even the current divisive political climate contributes to discord among these artists. Accordingly, here's a local music blogger addressing controversy and sharing his view of how he approaches differing opinions . . . Read more:

This is the no politics zone

Recently, I read an article shared on a social media group page concerning Old Time music, that spoke about this individual's "discovery" of "his tribe". He was particularly disdainful (to put it nicely) of conservative southerners and their culture and opinions and did not want to be around them ever.


  1. The only "no politics zone" in modern America is located in a graveyard.

  2. Libtards need to get back to rapping.

  3. Make American Music Great Again

  4. What's really disgusting is a lot of the uber liberal jazz musicians in town. They are the worst.

  5. Even conservatives enjoy listening and playing great music, period. If the Left cannot get over this then that's their problem.


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