Friday, March 01, 2019

Kansas City First Friday Agenda March 2019

Here's a glimpse at art that will be skipped by most of the interlopers looking to get a look at new condos. Nevertheless, this artsy guide is great for people-watching all of the creative class posuers who desperately want to be seen. Read more:

March 2019 First Friday Radar


Anonymous said...

Best thing about first friday is it's the one day you know there won't be a DJ at the nelson gallery.

Or if you like the spectacle of a lot of SUVs from olathe parallel parking on crossroads and west side streets it's pretty neat too.


Queen of The Great Plains said...

Don't forget we will need more soccer fields.

Anonymous said...

No, the best thing about first Friday is the diaper dandies will all be home in bed! They won't be fucking shit up out in the city tonight!

Anonymous said...

They should call it Faggot Fridays for all the millennials and hipsters, about 90% of them are homosexuals.

Anonymous said...