The Kansas City Fat Tuesday Night Round-Up

The center cannot hold in the cruel hottie panty game . . .

GuardianUK: Victoria's Secret, your airbrushed grip on the lingerie world is loosening

Closer to home, we share an ass-ton of local links for our blog community of news junkies and night owls . . .

Kansas City Street Life 2020 Report

Construction at I-435, I-70 in MO begins next week

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Construction set to begin this weekend at the Interstate 435 and Interstate 70 interchange on the Missouri side will impact traffic for two full construction seasons, the Missouri Department of Transportation said Tuesday. Work on the interchange, which will include the closure of several ramps, will begin Sunday.

Soon To Catch EPIC Check

Report: Kansas City Chiefs negotiating 'record-setting' deal for Tyreek Hill

SOURCE: AP Photo According to multiple reports from national NFL writers, the Kansas City Chiefs have started contract extension discussions with star receiver Tyreek Hill.One of the reports from Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network said Hill could be in for a big payday."While the Chiefs plot moves for the 2019 season and beyond, they do have some big deals coming," Rapoport wrote in a tweet.

Meth Town Tough Talk Is Fake

Independence warns residents not to fall for scam threatening to turn off service

Independence utility customers are being targeted by scam artists who are threatening to turn off service, according to authorities.Authorities said people are falling for the scam in part because the caller ID shows up as the city of Independence."They are telling the citizen that they have 30 minutes to make a payment on their utility bill or they will be shut off," said Meg Lewis, a spokeswoman for Independence.Authorities said the caller sometimes asks for prepaid credit cards.

Please Leave A Comment If Anybody Reads This Link Or Cares About Dave Helling And His Opinion. Seriously!!! He's A Very Talented & Experienced Journalist BUT I'm Just Not Sure That A Modern Day Newspaper Column Is Still Relevant

KCI delays are the airlines' fault, not the politicians' | The Kansas City Star

Kansas Citians have criticized the City Council and other officials for delays in starting the KCI terminal project. But the airlines played a decisive role, and they share the responsibility for the problems.

Crooks In Exburbs Armed & Dangerous

Several guns stolen from Blue Springs gun store; ATF offers reward

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is offering a reward leading to an arrest after several guns were stolen from a Blue Springs gun store on March 2.

Glimmer Of Hope To Cure Mistakes

KC doctor cautiously optimistic for newest possible HIV cure study

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- A second person may be cured of HIV, the viral infection that affects nearly 37 million people worldwide. Dr. Sharon Lee with Family Health Care has been treating patients with HIV and Aids for decades. She said this latest case study is exciting for the future of the virus.

STL Don't Play

Police: 1 shot after dispute over handicap parking spot at suburban St. Louis Target

ST. CHARLES, MO ( -- One person was shot and the suspected gunman was taken into custody Tuesday after an incident in a St. Charles Target parking lot. The shooting happened around noon at the Target Plaza on Mexico Road and Muegge Road.

La Migra Questions & Thin Ice

Seg. 1: Most Americans Can't Pass Citizenship Test. Seg 2: Kansas City Hockey.

When the Woodrow Wilson Foundation surveyed 41,000 Americans on their country's citizenship test it found a failure rate of 56 percent among Kansans and 61 percent among Missourians. When it comes to these civic-building blocks, the question according to the Foundation's Patrick Riccards is, "What is it about what American history is taught and how it is taught today that had so many of us ...

Students Learn American Liberty & Right To Privacy Is A Thing Of The Past

Smithville School District plans to drug test students

SMITHVILLE, MO (KCTV) -- It's the reason the district wants to meet with parents Tuesday night. Drug testing students was the focus of the conversation. Data about drug use in this district was also presented. The superintendent said the proposal includes randomly drug testing 20% of students who are involved in extracurricular activities.

Gunfire Teachable Moment

Shooting prompts policy review at SMSD

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The Shawnee Mission School District said Tuesday they are reviewing their policies following Friday's shooting outside Highlands Elementary at 62nd and Roe. "If we can learn something and do something better the next time, we absolutely will," said David Smith, a district spokesperson.

KCK Gun Play Convict Runaround

Police: Convicted felon hits KCK police cruiser Tuesday night

A driver hit a Kansas City, Kansas, police cruiser Tuesday night, police said.Officers were stopped at 21st Street and Metropolitan Avenue when a vehicle ran a stop sign and hit the officer's car, authorities said.The crash disabled the police cruiser. Police Chief Terry Zeigler said the "driver is a convicted felon and had an AK in the car."

High Times Amid Sprint Demise

T-Mobile has spent $195,000 at Trump hotel while lobbying for Sprint merger

T-Mobile USA says it has spent $195,000 at President Trump's hotel in Washington, DC, over the past 10 months while it has lobbied for government approval of its proposed merger with Sprint. CEO John Legere and fellow executives have repeatedly stayed at the Trump International Hotel since announcing the merger in April 2018, despite reporting just one visit to the hotel prior to that time.

The Wednesday Warm Up???

South winds to kick our temps above freezing on Wednesday

Southerly winds will give our temperatures a nice boost on Wednesday. Look for a high near 39 degrees. Thursday brings a chance for a brief rain/snow mix.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


  1. Every Tuesday is Fat Tuesday in Slyme’s KC!

  2. the kci delay is the airlines fault? What an idiotic PR article. City hall should not let the airlines determine if it is a 'new single terminal' airport especially when the smaller airlines being forced out have lower fares.
    No one except those making money on the project in this town is super concerned about the delay, they want accountability and not spend a ridiculous amount of money while doing special favors for SW. the only reason they signed on was b/c the single terminal squeezes out competitors. they do not give a shit if it is a new airport or not.

  3. The failed KC Star covering for the inept city government again.

  4. ^^then why are you still reading it if it's failed? Doesn't that make you some kind of retard?

  5. i bought a bra at VS in 1989, it was a "badly made scrap of elasticized lace" and i never went back. i do not understand. So women have banned together to overthrow a lingerie company they shouldn't have been shopping at in the first place.

  6. models are thin b/c they are like hangers that do not require substantial tailoring for various sizes. Then the american population got, on average, fatter and developed new mass psychological fetishes making them vulnerable to the commercial manipulation of their underwear.


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