Just for Mardi Gras, we celebrate the body of work from Yazmin The Fox. More deets on her pop culture rise to fame as "body positivity" is now an industry standard:

Yahoo: This plus-size model's career began on a dare

Mirror: Yazmin Fox, 36, from Cambridge, estimates she is a UK dress size 24 and prides herself on not being preoccupied with what she weighs and refuses to own scales

Closer to home, here's a big serving of of some nice news local links . . .

Celebrate Local Party History

Kansas City once had a parade festival that rivaled Mardi Gras

There was a time when New Orleans was not the only town known for parades, parties and priests. Kansas City had its own celebration, called the Priests of Pallas, beginning in the late 1800s, when the city was known as the Athens of the west.

Season Of Storms Awaits

Kansas, Missouri prepare for tornado season with statewide drills

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Tornado season is right around the corner, and Kansas and Missouri will be having a statewide outdoor warning siren test at 10 a.m. Tuesday. It's part of Severe Weather Awareness Week. Most schools are participating by having students take shelter. Johnson County is having their employees do the same.

City College Kangaroo Tradition

A glimpse inside Kasey the Kangaroo, UMKC's mascot

The mascot is one person who rarely gets attention, but on the sidelines of games and events the Kangaroo serves as UMKC's biggest hype man. Inside Kasey the Kangaroo is a UMKC student who is just like any other student. They might be your classmate, your friend or a total stranger.

KC Loves Candy Coffee

The Roasterie is rolling out three new cold brew flavors

Cold brew lovers, get excited! Kansas City's The Roasterie is expanding its cold brew lineup AGAIN to include three new all-natural offerings.New flavors Chocolate Raspberry, Lavender Wild and All Hopped Up will be available at select grocery stores and all The Roasterie-owned cafes starting Wednesday.The Roasterie said each flavor is slow-steeped for 19 hours in a temperature-controlled brew house, and is flavored naturally with zero calories, carbs or sugar.

No Off-Season For QB Hype

Mahomes Madness: Voting continues with the Schrager and Ketchup regions

We started voting for on Monday with the JORTS and DID YOU KNOW HE PLAYED BASEBALL? regions. If you haven't voted on those plays yet, pleasedo so here . We continue with first-round voting on Tuesday, March 5, and you have until Friday, March 8 to vote.

Kansas City Booze News

Tap List | Pink Boots Society Brew Day & Flyover Beer Fest

Annie Davis, the cellar at Double Shift Brewing Co., isn't trying to make a statement by wearing pink boots. The founder of the local chapter of the Pink Boots Society has a simple answer for her choice of footwear on a recent Thursday.

Winter 2019 Last Blast?!?!

Windy, cold Tuesday but the sun will make an appearance

We're heading back towards 50 degrees, just very slowly.

Stand Up & Get Up - The Soul Rebels is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. THAT is a lot of lovin'

  2. Isn't She Lovely3/5/19, 10:04 AM


  3. Idiocracy The Documentary3/5/19, 10:07 AM

    No further comment.

  4. This Spanish gold ounce will go to the first man Jack of ye to behold the white whale!

  5. She'd be a man eater if she got down to 125

  6. Man suffocates during sex. 5 things you need to know about face sitting.

  7. Crossfit Nazi3/5/19, 10:22 AM

    Rigorous and robust daily gym work and diet.

  8. Every day is Fat Tuesday in killa shitty, just look at sLIE and Jolie, disgustingly fat and they claim to rep us! Now that’s funny right there! Hahahahaha!

  9. And on day one, the Internet opened the vast libraries of knowledge and enlightenment to all.

  10. Roll her around in flour and look for the wet spot

  11. vast libraries of knowledge ^^^

    LOL oh yeah I remember that. Sounded good at the time.

  12. Slim Bug Eyed Socialist With Big Teeth and Nice Rack3/5/19, 11:02 AM

    She needs to stop eating triple cheeseburgers.

  13. Can she even get in the driver's seat of a car?

  14. Actually.

    She is a vegan. And she works to save animals.

    You f-ing heathens!

  15. The entire Kardashian/Jenner Family is sooooo jealous right now!


    Yazmin has just been named the official Poster Girl for Fat Tuesday... and Wednesday, and Thursday, and...

  17. A vegan???????????? How the hell you get that fat from eating only veggies? She is a junk food junkie for sure.

  18. Lots and lots of Veggies @12:11 - where do you think the phrase "Fat Cow" comes from?

  19. ^^^^^ ROLF! +100,000!!

  20. Fat bottom girls they make the rockin' world go round.

  21. Yazmin's dress may be a size 24 but she is at least a size 44. Hope the seams don't fail all at once.


    After Yazmin asked if I had a "Sequoia" in my pants to go with the 4X4, I offered to "Navigator" valleys and canyons!!!


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