Kansas City Fanboys Believe Patrick Mahomes Promises To Stay In Kansas City

Tonight's football fantasy . . .

Patrick Mahomes' agent says QB hopes to spend entire career in Kansas City

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes' agent, Leigh Steinberg, told a Chiefs writer and podcast host that the NFL's most valuable player would like to play his entire career in Kansas City.Farzin Vousoughian, who hosts a podcast called "The Chiefs Zone" and also writes for Arrowhead Addict, interviewed Steinberg in a podcast released last Saturday.


  1. Great. Now we need to get some skill position players who aren’t chickenshit woman beaters and child abusers.

  2. Class act Tony G. tried but finally gave up.

  3. Oh this is funny. Patrick wil haul ass out of here soon as someone offers him more money.

  4. ^^^ he’s no different than anybody else, anybody would go for more money. Have you noticed how much time he spends in L.A.?

  5. Football isn't like baseball. Teams can pretty much control a player for their entire career if they want. If the chiefs don't want to release him then he can't really go anywhere


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