Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Kansas City Fact Check: Center School District Bonds Are, In Fact, A Tax Increase

Another election choice ahead . . . Center School District voters to decide on $48M bond for security . . . And here's a reader suggested link revealing that's basically another tax increase on residents despite promises otherwise:

Yes, No Tax Increase Bonds Increase Your Taxes

Like many terms in politics, putting "no tax increase" in front of "bonds" is supposed to blunt the opposition to new taxes. But let's be clear, there is no special category of bonds that municipalities issue that doesn't increase your taxes. No tax increase bonds increase your taxes.


Anonymous said...

Just more evidence, if any were needed, that government regularly commits the kinds of fraud that would land private citizens in jail for years.

Tracy Thomas said...

This, of course, is what Shawnee plans to do, in year 19, if their 20 year bond for a $54 million western community center passes. Cities will never let a tax expire.

They have just gotten more deceptive with their lies. Now in the headlines! It's a refi extension of a tax. That SHOULD expire, but instead they rebrand it as a "no tax increase"--and repurpose it for something else.

In 2017, the Ks. Legislature passed the Tax Lid Bill, requiring a public vote on any property tax. But it is so monstrously poorly worded, and has never been challenged in court, that councils are ignoring that requirement.

Needs to be fixed. But not this session.

Meanwhile, according to 82% of the neighbors in Shawnee on Nextdoor.com, the site for lost dogs and free firewood, voters are opposed to the May 21 mail-in ballot for the Shawnee Community Center.

Stay tuned.
And check out jocopost.com, kcmopost.com and No More Taxes Shawnee on FB.

Anonymous said...

Often these "no tax increase" bond issues are used for either regular recurring equipment purchases or things like autos which will be long gone before the bonds are paid off in year 20. Then years later when there are no funds left from the bond issue these same recurring expenses will still be there but no revenue to pay for them. Not much different than refinancing your house to pay for vacations.

Tracy Thomas said...

Except for one thing, 9:13...if you refinance for yourself, you KNOW what you are choosing to do. You have justified staying in debt.

Whereas if a city runs an election, it is deceptive. The headline is a LIE. Designed to mislead the voters.
So there's that.