Kansas City Early Morning Sound

There's something to be said for a tune so unapologetically hipster . . . And still pretty damn good.

Nashville, Tennessee band Soccer Mommy performs 'Cool' in TV Studio A at KCPT in Kansas City, Missouri.

The longer cut is nice but with way too much talk. Still good for a chill morning listen.

Hopefully, more later . . .


  1. You might not get much besides hate on this but I think the connection from Nashville to KC makes more sense than KC dying to be the next Austin.

  2. We’re trying to be Austin now? We’ve been modeling ourselves after Indy for ten years now, I guess we had to change who we wanted to be eventually. Seeing how our two black mayors couldn’t be associated with being a cowtown and all.

  3. Give me some real music...check out Sarah Shook and the Disarmers!!

  4. @5:11-Shut up. You're not part of this community. You're a complaining goon who does nothing and is nothing. Go away.

  5. Austin fucking blows now and has for the last 10 or so years

  6. ^^Thanks! Hipster dufuss jagoff!

  7. They're OK but will never be as good as "Festus McCracken and the All Night Pounders"!


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