Kansas City E-Bikes REALLY Need Riders

Locals would rather use e-scooters for more selfie-street cred. Grownups with work to do shuffle across the loop in Uber or Lyft. Meanwhile, local small time marketers attempt to boost street cred by way of this online tease for a trip that doesn't look any fun . . . Checkit:

River Market e-bike adventure to Cliff Drive in Kansas City, Missouri


  1. Just like the rapidly-fading electric scooter fad, the bike rentals have become a public nuisance and blight at taxpayer expense.
    Another irresistible exciting toy for Sly and the gang.
    Please fix the streets and work on the ever-climbing homicide rate.


  2. Sly does everything backwards plus he really believes we have 25 million tourists a year, the guy is a wacko.

  3. The only vision city hall has is tunnel vision.

  4. i wounder if one of those 25 million tourists would use a scooter or a rental bike to ride on a trail from berkley park along the Kaw


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