Saturday, March 02, 2019

Kansas City Cozy Saturday News

Quick look at news that might not warm our heart but does offer a peek at our changing times . . .

Victoria's Secret Knows It Has A Problem, But Does It Have Time To Fix It?

Closer to home, these news links define our morning . . .

Who Owns Kansas City Streets?!?!

Adopt-A-Street program relaunches in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission is taking the reins on the city's Adopt-A-Street program, which had been suspended "We would really like to be part of the reduction of the violent crimes problem we have in the city, and we think this is a good way to partner with some of the neighborhoods to try to impact that problem," Metropolitan Community Service Program Supervisor Michael Wilson said.

Celebrate Copycat Tech

Aurora, Ill., Writes Tech Plan With Praise from Kansas City

During the presentation of the city of Aurora, Ill.'s new technology plan, the mayor read a letter from Kansas City Chief Innovation Officer Bob Bennett praising the plan for looking forward.

This Old Cowtown Country Club

New Owner Plans $500,000 Rehab Of Midtown Kansas City's Historic Rockhill Tennis Club

The historic mansion that was once home to the Rockhill Tennis Club has new owners. Peter and Heather Caster of Kansas City, Missouri, have bought the house built in 1910 for the daughter of Kansas City Star founder William Rockhill Nelson. "It's a beautiful home," says Peter Caster.

Pothole Fight Help
KCMO company steps in to help patch potholes
Make Him A Coach & Keep This Inspirational Footballer In Kansas City

Kansas City Chiefs will have to make tough decision regarding Eric Berry

According to multiple reports dating back to October, Eric Berry has been suffering from what's known as a Haglund's Deformity, a bone spur on the heel of his foot that required surgery for a torn Achilles tendon back in 2017.

Season Of Selling Upon Us

Get the home of your dreams without breaking the bank

KANSAS CITY, MO - IKEA Merriam is a paid advertiser of Kansas City Live and is responsible for this content. Are you looking to redesign your kitchen or spice up your home d├ęcor? IKEA is the place to shop for quality furniture and home items at fantastic prices.

Home Team Gives Back
Chiefs' Players, Executives, Ambassadors and Cheerleaders Celebrate Read Across America Day with Local Kids
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Zcott Vagner said...

New Owner Plans $500,000 Rehab Of Midtown Kansas City's Historic Rockhill Tennis Club

Wow these shake shack and starbucks employees must really be raking in the tips!

Anonymous said...

“Special pothole mix” sounds to me like a sales pitch and sLIE is stupid enough to pay them 10 times what it’s worth.

City Spokesperson - Doofus Department said...

Were battling those potholes like George Brett going after an umpire. And it won't cost the taxpayers a dime! Happy drinking!

Anonymous said...

I do not believe a half million will be enough for a decent rehab of the old tennis club. Those old stone buildings are beautiful but electrical and plumbing upgrades will eat up that amount of money almost immediately.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Bowen for using their crews and their resources to help out people (drivers) in Kansas city. One could only hope that other companies take note and remember this when they bid on contracts in KCMO. They make enough off the big jobs to throw a truckload of cold patch in some holes. But don't worry about the holes in the bike lanes, it is a waste of time because they are called assholes not pot holes (although they could be doing some pot too).

Anonymous said...


When my co-worker asked if she could crash on my sofa, I offered to always "have her back"!!!

Anonymous said...

Re Eric Barry.

All I know is to come back from cancer and go out in a nfl game the man has the heart of a lion. He’s lost a step but damn, he’s a cancer survivor. Hope there is a spot for him somewhere on a football coaching staff or in the booth or something. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

500k goes further with illegal alien labor.