Monday, March 04, 2019

Kansas City Cold-Ass Monday Link Pool


On this cold-ass Monday we pay tribute to hottie Demi newsworthy inspiration . . .

Saw1st: Demi Rose Mawby Booty, Black Swimsuit Photoshoot at a Pool in Phuket

ExpressUK: The 23-year-old model was careful to stay safe in the sun and enlisted her pal to smoother her body in suncream.

Guardian: Instagram is stripping its devotees of their basic humanity

Closer to home, we check these news links that impact our Kansas City midday . . .

Newsies Power Speculation
Gorgeous real estate properties in downtown Kansas City
Good News For Local Hobos

KCK pastor brings hope to people who are homeless

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Imagine not having a place to sleep last night, and waking up outside to negative four degrees. Your belongings include just a few items and the clothes on your back. That's a reality for many living on the streets in the Kansas City area.

Kansas City Trading Day

Arrowheadlines: Here come the Dee Ford trade scenarios

Franchise tag fight could be looming for Chiefs and Dee Ford | NBC Sports That's possibly why the Chiefs have leaked the notion that Ford could be available in trade, with the vague implication that he may not fit in the new defense . Well, if he doesn't fit, why did they tag him?

Talking Kansas Rural Life

A Kansas Farmer Says These 4 Things Will Help Ease Rural Pain

Whether it's corn, wheat or soybean, Kansas grows it. And given the importance of those crops to the United States economy, people who live in cities might be forgiven for thinking the Sunflower State's farmers have it made.

More Kansas City Residents Learn To Code

Crane Freight & Cartage will close KC facility, cut 28 jobs - Kansas City Business Journal

A Houston-based logistics company is shuttering its Kansas City operations, which will affect 28 employees. Crane Freight & Cartage filed a notice with Missouri but did not provide a reason for closing its warehouse facility at 10241 NW Transcon Drive. The company did not respond to a request for comment.

Show-Me Big Bucks Against Prisons

State pays out $600,000 in harassment case filed by Missouri prison worker

JEFFERSON CITY * A Missouri Department of Corrections employee has won a $600,000 settlement from the state after she alleged male co-workers at two state prisons regularly harassed her. The taxpayer-funded payout, approved in January, included $297,607 to prison caseworker Jennifer LaFleur and more than $303,000 to attorneys who worked on her case, which was filed in Jackson County in 2017.

One Last Local Chill?!?!?

Wind chill values to remain below zero until Monday afternoon

Average temperature for this time is year is in the 50's

Kansas City Auto Promo

2019 Kansas City Auto Show: Ford Explorer Tops 5 Things You Can't Miss | News from

Hot take from this born 'n' raised Missouri boy: Richard Branson will never build that Virgin Hyperloop pneumatic-tube transportation line purportedly capable of propelling commuters between St. Louis and Kansas City in a half-hour. So as long as Show-Me State motorists have to keep schlepping all the way across the state on Interstate 70 - good luck to you ...

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Master Of Ad Popups said...

You don't want to learn to code and get stuck doing that for the rest of your short little life take it from me.

Tweet Ur Lunch Meat said...

Some really vibrant, robust, and exciting stuff going on around here.

Anonymous said...

Everything that farmer wants to do has been supported by Democrats for a long time now. He needs to convince his fellow Trump-loving rednecks to get on board. His fellow farmers consistently vote for people who don't want to expand Medicaid and everything else that goes against their own economic interests and would do it again tomorrow. Look how bad the tariffs are for farmers. 95% of them would vote for Trump again tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

To bad the KC Auto Show isn't being held in Overland Park at the Convention Center. I might have made plans to attend.

Anonymous said...

Demi Rose is a lard ass skanky whore

Anonymous said...

@ 512, I think you economic knowledge is beyond compare, to the lowest on the scale. Expansion of Medicaid is a disaster for states. For the first three years the Federal Government pays 90% if the increased costs (INCREASDED COSTS). After three years it is paid for through state taxes, your tax bill doubles, triples or quadruples. No way out after the state legislature accepts this gift from Obamacare that just keeps on giving. The facts are that the Federal Government can run a deficit but states can not. So it becomes pay as you go and even the people on Medicaid pay more, a lot more. If your state has a medical plan in place it would cost less to improve that plan than to buy the Federal plan.