Sunday, March 10, 2019

Kansas City Cinnamon Role Guide

Or, here's how locals can flirt with diabetes . . . It must be the time of season for these EXTRA SUGARY TREATS because foodies seem to be pushing the fare across local food channels. Here's the best overview for those with more than a few calories to spare. Checkit:

The Best Spots for Cinnamon Rolls in Kansas City

Cinnamon rolls are a comforting and common pastry staple in the Midwest, and they're currently having a moment in Kansas City. In Kansas City, cinnamon rolls can be found everywhere from grocery stores, donut shops, bakeries and restaurants to even school lunch trays - especially when served with a big bowl of chili.


Anonymous said...

Just follow all the KC asses that need tail lights they know where to feed.

Anonymous said...

^^Huh? You sun downing pops? Alzheimer's kicking in? You make no sense.

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