Sunday, March 10, 2019

Kansas City Chiefs: Goodbye Justin Houston

Always over rated but still to expensive for the team's discount budget that's based mostly on the ketchup-industrial-complex and celebrity hype over a guy who has only won a single playoff game. Checkit:

The Chiefs have released Justin Houston

The Kansas City Chiefs have released linebacker Justin Houston, as originally reported by ESPN's Adam Schefter. Chiefs are releasing four-time Pro-Bowl LB Justin Houston, per source. They had tried to trade him, but no one willing to pick up the $15.25 million base salary that was due this season.


Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Houston is not overated. Hes a damn good defensive end who just got hurt too many times

Anonymous said...

I hope that cunt Brett Veach does a lot better job of bringing in defensive players than he did last year. He has been a failure so far. Fucking cunt.

Anonymous said...

^^Fucking cunt. It's a god damned game played by rich people. Why do you fucking care?