Kansas City Boulevard Brewery Serves Mixed Drinks As Craft Beer Scene Evaporates

The fickle sensibilities of hipsters have caused a local beer institution to shame itself and reveal that they are no longer confident in their product to win new market share.

One of the few important insights from this mostly promo news sources . . .

KC Biz Journal: Boulevard adapts as beer market goes flat

Money line . . .

Boulevard's latest innovation is a line of ready-to-drink cocktails in cans called the Fling Craft Cocktail line. It’s a sharp move away from Boulevard’s core business of making high-quality beers, but CEO Jeff Krum said it's necessary for the company to keep growing.

The U.S. beer industry is in the midst of a long-term gradual decline in volume of sales, with volume dropping 0.3 percent in 2018. But revenue rose about 1.8 percent for the overall industry last year, and dollar sales for craft beer increased 2.5 percent.

The story is similar at Boulevard, which saw its sales volume decline about 10 percent in 2018 compared with the previous year. Boulevard doesn’t share sales figures.

Perspective . . .

Call TKC superstitious but the fact that they trampled on a nearby faith community could be a sign that the heart of this company hasn't been in the right place in recent years.

Reality check . . .


Sadly, local biz news isn't allowed to second guess the decision but we're eager to hear what our blog community says about the sitch.

You decide . . .


  1. Very impressive to see a once high and mighty "craft" Brewer turn into a soda pop and booze factory.

    So much for the "craft."

    Looking forward to their next release of box wines and malt liquor.

  2. If Boulevard could make a beer that tastes like jism the hipster craft beer faggots would buy it by the truckload

  3. Germaine Greed3/2/19, 9:26 AM

    They should put a label on it saying..

    Please do not toss the empty cans out of your car window into the street when finished consuming. Use a City Authorized Trash Receptacle.

  4. ^^^ You mean like 18th & Vine?

  5. but CEO Jeff Krum said it's necessary for the company to keep growing.

    Whats wrong with the size of the business now? Or is that a CEO's way of saying nobody is drinking our overrated beer now so we are looking at new gimicks.

  6. Aggressively bearded guys in lumberjack costumes who can't drink a beer unless it tastes like Fruity Pebbles.

  7. I've been doing my part to keep the craft beer market thriving. But if it's in trouble I will try harder.

  8. Boulevard is owned by Duvel. I doubt Jeff Krum can just do whatever he likes anymore.

  9. More

  10. At least Jolie doesn’t suck dick and get dui’s.

  11. John McDonald cashed out. Now anybody with a water hose is brewing beer. My money is on Davey O'Neill and that Rotisserie coffee.

  12. Your money is on that asshole from the Roasterie? Good luck fag.

  13. My Tesla has an expired tag self rightous prick.

  14. Sounds neat. It’s so hard to find Zima these days ...


  15. Great, more faggity ass apple beers.


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