Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Kansas City Blogger Depression Confessions

Blogger lady Erin has a cult following here in Kansas City and across the nation. Her writing reveals a lot about her personal struggles and single-mom life. In her latest missive she offers A LOT of detail about her personal struggles, tragedies and triumphs . . . All of which should serve as an inspiration to so many other people going through the same thing. Take a look:

Mental Health - I Am the Face of Depression

Another woman recently made my day, in a very unexpected way. Over coffee, mental health suddenly became our topoic of conversation. She admitted that she has anxiety and that she takes medication. She also made a point of saying, "I am not ashamed."


Anonymous said...

It’s ok to whine about your insignificant life. Being a victim is really self centered but when you have an audience, you can become a martyr for insignificant women everywhere. Very inspirational.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet here you are whining about it on a blog for an audience. Ironic huh? Sorry, you lose. :(

Anonymous said...

Lots of high bridges in town, sugar. Just pick one out and jump over the railing.