Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Kansas City Autonomous Bus Tech Soon???

A glimpse at one more local job class on the road to oblivion. Read more:

Driverless buses to be tested in the Kansas City Northland

Kansas City, Mo - A joint project involving involving RideKC and Park Hill Schools will soon test driverless buses in the Northland. Twelve-passenger autonomous buses will be tested on private property at Zona Rosa before the end of this summer.


Anonymous said...

And I thought toy train was a terrible idea! What could possibly go wrong!

Anonymous said...

Only makes sense that riderless busses should become driverless.

Anonymous said...

to whose advantage is making buses driverless. or are cities just doing marketing and research for companies that want to get rid of the 'human element' in continental trucking.

Anonymous said...

This makes the train look a bit dated doesn't it ? Like by 75 years or more. Tracks, we don't need no sticking tracks.