Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Kansas City Artsy Space Explored

Worthwhile write-up of this weirdo installation that will evoke far too much praise or derision but a reaction nonetheless. Checkit:

"Polly Apfelbaum: Waiting for the UFOS (a space between landscape and a bunch of flowers)," Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art - KC STUDIO

Polly Apfelbaum is an iconoclast, refreshingly devoid of bullshit, and known for her wildly exuberant installations in which the floor is as important, or more, than the walls. Her installation-based work always feels honest rather than coolly distant yet is layered with process and content.


Anonymous said...

It's full of bullshit. Devoid of any artistic integrity!

Anonymous said...

^^sorta like your life!

Reitred Gynecologist said...

This is the kind of Corporate Approved Art we love to support.

Anonymous said...

^^What's "Reitred" Did you mean "Retired"????? You are neither retired, nor a gynecologist. You're just retarded.