Kansas City Arts Scene Laments Fake News

A missive and verse regretting debate and/or the Prez and his social media outlet of choice. Take a look:

New From A Kansas City Art Institute Professor: Poetry For When Truth Is No Longer True

When Hugh Merrill was growing up in the 1950s and '60s, he says a lot of things were simply true. Grandparents and parents were heroes, as was the United States. As he aged, those particular true things stopped being true.


  1. His poems suck.

    He is no longer true
    His poems no longer make sense
    He tells lies with a straight face
    Forgive him for he no longer has a brain

    See, I can write terrible poems too! Now pay me sucks!

  2. Queef Latifa3/11/19, 9:56 PM

    The Kansas City Art Institute has the distinction of firing Thomas Hart Benton after he publicly accused several employees of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of being faggots.

  3. Every time I’ve been there, I see faggots everywhere. I thought it was required to be a homosexual to work there.

  4. Byron Funkhouser3/12/19, 5:21 AM

    9:56 "accused"?

    Sounds like a justifiable termination to me.

  5. @10:58PM sounds like you're going there looking for faggots. Come on out Nancy.


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