Saturday, March 16, 2019

Kansas City 5G Showroom Coming Soon

A glimpse at new tech that competing telcoms say doesn't really exist. Take a look:

Sprint to show off 5G potential at 'immersive center'

Ahead of launching a 5G mobile network in the Kansas City metropolitan area, Sprint is opening up an " immersive center " to show off the history and potential of 5G technology at its executive briefing center and headquarters in nearby Overland Park, KS.


It's Free We Swear said...

"New Tech"


Anonymous said...

Considering that "5G" doe not yet exist, and what is being billed as "5G" by Sprint is only a slight improvement to their "4G" that brings it almost up to the levels already available from other carriers, this becomes a very typical Kansas City pile of hokum.

Anonymous said...

5G is dangerous to our health. Look into it.

Charlie Horse said...

I'm waiting it out for 6G.

Anonymous said...

5G isn't shit and if Sprint is involved it will be unreliable and shitty