Kansas Abortion Testimony Shares Medical Insight After NYC Baby Killing Censure Resolution

Here's more deets on a Kansas effort to call out NYC abortion practices and a word about real life experience that might or might not convince partisan hacks on both sides of the aisle. Read more:

Kansas lawmakers condemn NY law strengthening abortion rights | The Wichita Eagle

The Kansas Legislature is approving a resolution condemning a New York state law that strengthens abortion rights. Rep. Elizabeth Bishop, sharing the story of her own abortion, urged lawmakers to oppose the resolution.


  1. Unplanned the movie coming out March 29th. Doctors will talk about what the baby goes through because momma is a skank so she kills her baby so she can go spread her legs again and again and again with no brains to know what causes pregnancy.

    But of course murders will always argue that they know more than the doctor and that it's O.K. to rip their baby apart or stab them in the back of the head and sever the spinal cord to kill it.

  2. Sterilization after 1st Welfare child should be national law if you want continued government aid.


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