Friday, March 22, 2019


Culture clash and a sign of rising tensions as the development didn't merit as much opposition when it was a Christian community center. Checkit:

Protest filed against Islamic Center proposal in south OP

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A protest petition has been filed by some Overland Park residents against a planned expansion of the Islamic Center of Kansas in southern Overland Park. , the Overland Park Planning Commission approved the proposal near 163 rd Street and Roe Avenue. Plans call for a mosque, community center, school and daycare.


Anonymous said...

They should hate it, mooselimbs hate other religions but the progressive’s in joco wanted this so they get what they deserve

Anonymous said...

Boycott FOX news they have gone liberal and they took the side of a terrorist over the Judge. Ilhan Omar called and thanked Fox news for suspending the Judge, but it's O.K. for Omar the PIG TERRORIST to slam the Jewish race. Our country has an infatuation with Islam the theocracy of HATE! Both republicans and democrats have betrayed our country!

Islam hates gays
Islam hates Jews
Islam hates Christians
Islam hates women
Islam hate America!

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^This is called Islamophobia.

It looks like mental illness because it is.

Fox New has gone liberal? Yeah right, & I'm more conservative than Ronald Reagan.

Anonymous said...

Everyone hates Muslims except Billy T

Anonymous said...

Why don’t you become a Muslim, Byron? They seem to like retards. You would fit in well.

Anonymous said...

11:30 FTW

Anonymous said...

Losing fight. They're just going to get Overland Park in more legal trouble.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Only because they have bad lawyers, just because it’s mooselimbs doesn’t garauntee anything, somebody just needs to stand up to their violent and america hating ways. Dummocraps aren’t very bright!

Where’s #metoo? They should be protesting these little girl mutilating and wife beaters, hell, their women can’t even be seen in public without being covered up, drive cars or even get an education. Oh, now I understand why bLIEron loves them so much!

Anonymous said...

OP has started a downhill spiral, big time. This place should have never been sold to rag heads to begin with. Now expanding it is just pouring oil on a fire. The poor homeowners in the area are going to really take a hit. Shame on OP.

Anonymous said...

No, it’s called knowledge of Islam, it’s history, it’s pedophile pirate prophet, and it’s anti-western way of thinking.