Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Advocacy group protest and talking points have pushed this issue on a topic wherein all of the candidates sound the same and voters wonder if a few freebie units for politically connected locals will solve a problem that has just as much to do with income disparity as so many developer freebies.

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Affordable Housing And The Race For Kansas City Mayor

No silver bullets. A political hot potato. A whack-a-mole approach. These are some of the ways the city's affordable housing policies have been described at recent public hearings. These hearings are part of a newly-energized conversation about affordable housing in Kansas City, inspired by a comprehensive, five-year proposal presented to the council last fall.


Anonymous said...

I believe that the eviction process takes months to finish. It is not like hey you are 3 days late you are evicted. Meanwhile while the squatters are in the property do you think they are respecting it or tearing it up? When you rent you can not always choose where you live. If there is nothing to rent on the plaza that fits your budget maybe you have to look in Gladstone.
These rent snowflakes do not understand the risk that property owners take in renting a house/condo etc. Who pays to clean it, fix etc when a bad tenant tears it up? The Rentflakes only want the best for free and that is not how the real world works.

Anonymous said...

+ 100000

Anonymous said...

This is what those gender studies degrees are good for. Unable to pay rent so they bitch about not being able to pay rent.

Super Dave said...

7:55 is telling it like it is.

Plus the Mayor has no control over what a landlord charges per month in rent. In working with residential and commercial property owners for over 45 years now I can tell you they only charge what the public will pay. If your rental charges are to high, people will go elsewhere. If your rent is to low then you can't cover costs and your place ends up looking like a dump. Buying a property is an investment and a property owner should be allowed to make a little profit from such. I have never seen a person or group evicted from a property they were renting because they were paying the rent on time and current.

If you rent from someone, then make the payment when it's due end of story.

Anonymous said...

Jesus that article reads like it was written by a retard with no knowledge of how the real world works. I feel bad for most residents in KC. They constantly lie to themselves.

Anonymous said...

Move to California.