Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Is Kansas City 5G Fake News?!?!

Our fading local telcom is calling out anybody who claims otherwise . . .

Context: Sprint steps up fight against AT&T’s “fake 5G” with full-page Sunday NYT ad

Local report:

KC one of 9 locations getting Sprint's 5G

Sprint is launching its 5G network across the country. Kansas City is one nine locations getting the service.

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Anonymous said...

Sprint is spamming the fliers as well. Splashed across the front Galaxy S10+ on Sprint, $42/month with no insurance. Closer reading, that is a 24 month LEASE price on the phone alone, a minimum $70 plan to go with it. At the end of the lease you either re-up or buy out the phone. That scammy crap surely isn't fooling people anymore.