Tuesday, March 26, 2019

How Much Does Mayor Sly's Endorsement Matter In Upcoming Kansas City Primary?!?

The Mayor is pushing Council Lady Justus with all his might but also confronting a losing Pre-K sales tax campaign. Here's his word according to local techies. Checkit:

Next KCMO mayor needs this personality trait, Sly James says

The role of mayor doesn't always require being "the lead dog on the sled," said Sly James. Rather, it's an opportunity for a bridge between those knowledgeable enough to make change, the outgoing KCMO mayor added. "I sit in a position where - let's say generally, not always - when I call, people call me back," said James.


Anonymous said...

Nobody wants his endorsement after what he’s not done for this city. Out of control murder, busted infrastructure, developer giveaways that the taxpayers are on the hook for for life, cramming an airport that’s already cost us 140 million, no thanks

Anonymous said...

It matter a lot. It’s the kiss of death. No taxpayers will vote for her except pussy eating lesbians.

Dr. Death said...

An endorsement from a malignant, narcissist with toxic masculinity traits... it hurts the candidate he’s endorsing. It’s not an aid of any kind.

Hernandez Smoke and Mirrors Company said...

Kansas City Mayor Sly James delivers his final State of the City address

How bout that! Most vibrant, robust, and very frosty speech ever delivered!

Enjoy the water!

Anonymous said...

I don't know Kansas City democrats are so stupid they still worship this guy even when they can't pay their taxes in one lump sum and have to hit hundreds of holes in the road just to go to work not to mention the piss water coming out of your tap. BTW where did he get that jacket and tie at the yearly carnival?

Anonymous said...

A Slie endorsement is the same as being bit by a black mamba.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely anybody but Jolie Justus

Anonymous said...

That photo pretty much summarizes the Sly reign in KCMO.
Smirky self-satisfied grin.
Clown suit and ridiculous bow tie.
Has he really thought that someone like him roaming around the country "selling" KC would make people want to relocate here?
Has he had any idea how much others have laughed behind his back?
And he hopes that Justus gets handed the baton?
The vortex of the toilet bowl swirl accelerates!

Anonymous said...

Likes to wear bow ties?

Grip Madlock said...

Seriously,who is gonna want an endorsement from Harold Penners favorite clown,I mean customer!