Head Shrinker Would Have Prevented Shooting Near Mission, Ks School?!?!

JoCo wants more mental health resources . . . Meanwhile, suburbanites still strangely shocked by the gun violence despite the proliferation of gun related violence in the U.S. over the past 20 years.

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Parents still looking for answers after gunfight near Mission school

Some parents whose children attend Highlands Elementary School are still looking for answers after a gunfight involving police right across the street from the school on Friday."I just want to say thanks to the Highlands staff and officers for doing exactly what they needed to do to keep those kiddos safe," parent Kimberly Leese said.Every parent is deeply grateful to officers and educators that their son or daughter is safe.


  1. They want answers, ha, I bet they're not even close to being able to handle the answers. You stupid fucks vote all theses democrats/LGBT's into office who allow all these illegal baby bearing twats to invade our country sucking up tax dollars with free medical coverage everyone else has to pay for. So the states start cutting costs and mental health is always the easiest one to wack out first. Just a few miles south from where this wacked out gun toter lived was a very nice State Mental Hospital where this clown and that wacked out kid in Overland Park should have been locked up in till they got some meds worked out in them. But no the federal and state tax dollars dried up and the place is the same as closed. Meanwhile billions in tax dollars are wasted and handed out to illegals and other countries instead of Joe American being taken care of first. We can't protect our kids till we first protect our country and clean up this political shit storm of losers in office more worry more about if you drive a car or not while they waste hundreds of thousands in top notch transportation for themselves.
    Then you have the Mom or whoever the hell she is that lived in the house who allowed a gun to be left laying around for this nutcase to gain access to. She should be in jail right now along with the kid on some kind of gun charges.
    You can't fix stupid and stupid is taking over the country and very quickly I might add unless stupid is dealt with first.

  2. The problem was a long time in the making. People knew that house was a problem. Just glad somebody didn't get hurt.

  3. Gopher Casey3/5/19, 10:04 AM

    The "answer" is this is Amerikkka 2019. Just another asshole (deservedly) shot by the cops. Too bad they didn't kill him, now he will get to sit in prison at taxpayer expense for years and then emerge a even bigger piece of fecal matter than before. Ain't this country great???


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