Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Goodbye To Kansas City Journalist Jen Chen

Jen Chen changed the journalism game in Kansas City.

In a delightful interview with Darron Story and Cara Kahn, Ms. Chen was charming, informative and modest about her influence over the club scene during the pinnacle her NIGHT RANGER column.

Make no mistake, she pioneered lifestyle reporting in Kansas City and brought exceptional gonzo journalism to the local club scene with a degree of class and sophistication that has yet to be matched.

Sadly, there's only a smattering of social media posts which mark her passing.

And so right now it's appropriate for our TKC blog community to pay tribute to Jen Chen.

Years ago when we started this blog she was nice to TKC when she didn't have to be and her writing and journalistic skill was respected and admired by colleagues and Kansas City news readers.