Monday, March 04, 2019

Golden Ghetto Cahtolic Priest Rejects 'Recovered Memory' Abuse Claims

A 30-something lady reportedly targeted this priest multiple times with abuse claims but none of them could be proven . . . After her latest allegation, local clerics are seemingly calling her out in public and taking a hardline whilst stressing transparency in handling the complaint. A quick round-up of a story that's mostly smoke & mirrors:

Overland Park priest denies allegations of abuse

OVERLAND PARK, KS (AP) -- An Overland Park priest announced at Mass this weekend that a woman who has twice accused him of abusing her has raised the allegation again. The Rev.


Phil Cardarella said...

"Recovered" memory is dangerous hokum. It is as objectively reliable as gazing into a crystal ball. It is in the past led to tragic false prosecutions. Being skeptical of "recovered" memory has nothing to do with being willing to believe credible allegations of abuse by men or women. It goes to the very issue as to whether or not a person relying upon such a "recovered" memory – no matter how desperately they may believe can be credited with any level of accuracy.

"Recovering memories" is pretty much a discredited psychological or psychiatric process whereby patients are "encouraged to remember" some type of trauma that may be responsible for some or all of a patient's distress.

While discredited, it is most of the time harmless. A patient's fear of geese might result from an encounter with a goose at Loose Park that he or she is encouraged to remember. Or it did not. Since whether or not there ever was an encounter with a live goose rather than a TV image of one) acts to no one's harm, it really doesn't matter.

Sadly, sometimes this process can result in the invention of truly horrendous accusations against the innocent.

Anonymous said...

Agree with 2:44. Check the accuser's past for signs of mental instability. That's far more likely than her "recovered memories" being accurate.

Anonymous said...

He should knock the shit out of this troublemaking bitch.
Might straighten out her fucked up memories.


Hey, Phil, WTF is with that goofy "fear of geese" you've attempted for analogy here? There's not enough details to the accuser's allegations against this priest to go off on a tangent about her "fear(s)" of ANYTHING or ANYONE. She could "detest" him, while not being afraid.

He was wrong to make public announcement on this, at Mass, especially. Looks bullyish, guilty, and weak for the stunt. Suppose he was violent and caused enough trauma, to impact her memories. Maybe consider she was drugged by him.

You're a supposed counselor-of-law. Did you get licensed in psychology, or, you're just an armchair analyst on repressed memories and trauma?

Anonymous said...

Fellatio Phil

Anonymous said...

He thinks he is Dr. Phil

Anonymous said...

Not every claim of abuse is true.

Anonymous said...

KMBZ news radio report forgot to mention the little thing about the "recovered memories" in order to smear the priest.

Anonymous said...

I not believe the accuser.