Farewell To Kansas City Sports Talker Brad Fanning Amid Terrestrial Radio Demise

Thanks to a couple of readers who noticed THIS MAJOR KANSAS CITY SPORTS SCENE SHAKEUP that signals an increasingly smaller niche for those who talk local games over the air . . . Read more:

Brad Fanning Out In Kansas City

610 Sports Radio in Kansas City quietly underwent a major lineup change last week, with afternoon co-host Brad Fanning no longer a part of The Drive. After co-hosting the show Tuesday, March 12 th, Fanning has been off-air since, without an official announcement. This week Fanning has been removed from the station's website.


  1. Learn to code

  2. It’s sports radio. Who the f*** cares?

    They could get any drunken asshole with an opinion from any bar and be as relevant as sports radio hacks.

  3. Is there anything worse in the world than Kevin Kietzman blabbering on???

  4. 9:42---He's still on? Too bad.

  5. 9:42 here's how bad 610 is, they can't beat Keitzman. If 610 didn't have the deep pockets of Entercom behind them they would be off the air. Every one of their shows is awful.

  6. Maybe he can now go national like 610 alums Nick Wright, Danny Parkins, Jason Whitlock, etc.


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