Saturday, March 23, 2019

Faith Blogging Kansas City Racism Legacy

A former newspaper scribe offers his insight into race relations, history and the current divisive climate. Checkit:

Racism's deep American roots: 3-23/24-19

Through a sermon series and other means, my congregation recently has been focusing on matters of race in the United States, including how to help people understand that what we think of as race is a social construct and that...


Anonymous said...

Bill you are such a Timothy Leary/ Dr. Minnelli wanna be. Take a look at all of the black only organizations today. Black chamber, AME church, black only schools, remember J S Chick? Eastside Kansas City where whites can't even drive down the street without being surrounded and threatened. Racism is worse now than it has been in years, and going to get worse count on it!

Anonymous said...

Once again, the lib/prog playbook:

"Never do anything practical to address racism. Talk about it, ponder it, accuse people of it, but stay away from anything in the real world to fix it. It would be far too much work to actually address failed black families, their lack of generational wealth, and their self-crippling cycle of violence. Keep it semantic at all costs; you must pretend it's still 1963."

Indian Creek Hate Crime Victims said...

Leave it to Billy Tammy to Jump start the racism "Guilt Machine" so all of his Hale Bop acolytes can self flagellate themselves with the "White Shame Whip" and fetishize themselves onto the Progressive "High Ground" where virtue signalling and sanctimony are the coin of the realm.

" As Adam Serwer writes in The Atlantic piece, Grant's thinking, adopted by some members of the U.S. Senate and House, helped to "preserve the notion that fair-haired and -skinned people are responsible for all the world's great achievements."

Facts are facts Billy Tammy-- Adam is dead on the fuckin money---

"As the Atlantic piece notes, American presidents climbed on board Grant's misguided, xenophobic train and kept it rolling toward today. Teddy Roosevelt praised Grant's racist thinking. Warren G. Harding declared that there is "a fundamental, eternal, inescapable difference" between the races and declared this: "Racial amalgamation there cannot be." And Calvin Coolidge wrote that "Biological laws tell us that certain divergent people will not mix or blend.”

His prescience is duly noted. Human beings are only .02% different re DNA etc. from Chimpanzees, but, does that mean we are just like Chimpanzees?

Lying about categorical racial differences will not change objective reality no matter how many times you click your Ruby Fuckin Slippers together and wish we could all go home, hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

The 150 murders in this city and others all across the US and the unambiguated dysfunction that is evident to all but your idiot Hale Bop morons is a direct result of the Black Race that you insist is NOT actually destroying the aforementioned cities.

Me, I am encouraged by the recent push from Blacks to return to the Plessy V. Ferguson days where separate but equal was the Rule Of Law. Black spaces and areas only where whites are not allowed. Bring it on!

" Parts of the nation and the world, after all, are aflame with violence rooted in racist thinking -- from Charlottesville to New Zealand"

Globalist scum like Billy Tammy and his rich Democrat - Tech - Academia - Hollywood friends inflict agony on the middle class and throw gas on the fire while they live behind walls and in safe space towers, nodding their bobble heads in sanctimony as the rest of us suffer under the Progressive soup de jour diktats that are oh so Comme Il Faut with the ruling class. George Clooney moved the fuck out of his Italian mansion 2 fuckin days after the North African immigrants over ran his tony neighborhood in south Italy------- BACK TO MALIBU!!!!

Here in KC, there have been right about 20 Black on White murders (Not to mention the garden variety assaults, rapes and robberies.) over the last 2 years.

Maybe Billy would like to comment on the outrageous disproportionate criminality of blacks and the destruction, heartbreak of which, BLACKS are the genesis.

Probably not. Then Democrats wouldn't get the Black Block Vote and they would not have power. THAT is the crux of this specious "Narrative" and it's pernicious effect on this and thousands of other neighborhoods and cities.

We are DEAD, killed in Black on White Hate Crimes that Billy Tammy will NEVAR speak of because he GAS LIGHTS idiots for a living. said...

By the way Billy, if you are going to emphasize New Zealand, than what is good for the Progressive Goose, is good for the Goose Stepping Gander you lying puke.

Mention this!

That's just the last 30 days!

Shut the fuck up LIAR!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill, if they are not shithole countries, then maybe you will move there.

Oh..., I guess not.

Anonymous said...

8:34 - that's a nice quote. What's it from?

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^White people claiming victimization for being white is mental illness.

It's the real expression of white guilt.

Everyone knows that black people do not have an equal chance, & anyone who claims otherwise is a liar.

Wink Martindale said...

@10:20 Average IQ 75 + Low Impulse Control = "Black People Do Not Have A Chance".

Anonymous said...

8:51: "Warren G. Harding declared that there is 'a fundamental, eternal, inescapable difference" between the races and declared this: "Racial amalgamation there cannot be.'"

Warren G. Harding was not known for his intellect and was himself probably part black. Even he did not deny the possibility.

"I am encouraged by the recent push from Blacks to return to the Plessy V. Ferguson days where separate but equal was the Rule Of Law."

You need to do some research. Separate, yes. But never equal.

8:34: ""Never do anything practical to address racism."

"It would be far too much work to actually address failed black families, their lack of generational wealth, and their self-crippling cycle of violence."

What would you suggest? If you want to address blacks' lack of generational wealth, we only have to look back at the postwar years (1945-1965) when blacks were excluded from qualifying for FHA and VA mortgages in the new suburbs that were being built. Whites have had the advantage of the wealth generated by the rise in their homes' value. Blacks have not. Black veterans were also discriminated against when it came time to use their GI Bill benefits for education. I hope it will not be a stretch for you to believe blacks were discriminated against in employment.

So how about some solutions, big talker?

Anonymous said...

bLIEron just shut the fuck up, you don’t know jack shit, you live in hillbilly red neck country don’t you? You live there to escape the murderous blacks don’t you, white guilt is over and done with, get lost, you don’t belong here.

Anonymous said...

10:38 poor baby, the koloreds got exactly what they deserve

Anonymous said...

Well, @10:38, one solution would be one-way tickets to Wakonda!

Anonymous said...

Ignore bLIEron, he’s a moron without a clue

Anonymous said...

10:43 & 10:46: THAT'S the best you can offer? NWOR X 1000.

Anonymous said...

Made it up to satirize the lib/prog stance. Sadly, this satire is only marginally effective, as the real lib/prog stance is far more strange and silly.

Anonymous said...

Your lies cost lives, and keep blacks on the Democratic plantation of permanent underclass.

Anonymous said...

Ahem. Psst. It's not 1965. The economic, racial, and political landscape has changed profoundly.

First, update the discussion to reflect the fact that blacks have more opportunities than they have ever had--truth. Second, get real about the character issues in black communities like lack of fatherhood and cradle to grave welfare participation. Thirdly, deal effectively with the violence in black communities--which not only prevents growth but costs lives.

In other words, dump the perpetual victim narrative and deal with the uncomfortable reality in the room.

If you can.

Anonymous said...

It's not 1965, but if you want to address the lack of generational wealth, you kind of, like, have to address previous generations, don't you? My parents bought their house in 1958. We sold it in 2013 for considerably more than they paid for it. A typical black family would not have had that opportunity to build generational wealth. What happened in 1965 and before still affects us all.

One problem in black communities, and I'm assuming you mean black urban core communities, is they are segregated by class as well as by race. They have no middle class role models--black or white. Middle class blacks do not live in the urban core.

I don't really expect anyone to change their mind on this topic, but I'm going to give you a link to an article in a recent Reason magazine article by Richard Rothstein (yes, he's probably Jewish, so I hope you're not antisemitic as well as anti black). Keep in mind Reason is a --gasp!-- libertarian magazine, so this isn't some liberal rag we're talking about. It's a magazine that is, however, in favor of limited government interference and showing that government can do a lot of harm.

Here's the link:

Super Dave said...

It has all been there for years now for the black race to better themselves and they have failed to do so. Many have done so but so many more have not. What's interesting to me is those who have really made a name for themselves as a rule want nothing to do with those who won't put forth any effort to be a better person. Nobody has held the black race back other than themselves. No living people, black or white are responsible for what other black or white people did generations ago. Only a fool liberal and a lazy group of people would do so.If you lead a horse to a alfalfa hay, sometimes called lucerne hay field to eat and it doesn't you can't the blame the white farmer who planted the good hay. The blame falls back on the horse for whatever reason it refused what was good for it.

Anonymous said...

"No living people, black or white are responsible for what other black or white people did generations ago."

Interesting. But what about those who benefit from what people did generations ago--say the Rockefellers, etc. Should they go back to zero, which would mean taking away all their inherited wealth? And if not, why is that different from assisting those held back by what people did generations ago? Keep in mind, Dave, I'm not talking about slavery--the events affecting the current generations of white suburbanites and black urban core residents are much more recent.

Anonymous said...

^^^ you left out the clintons

Anonymous said...

The blacks have destroyed the homes they live in so they can’t get any money for them. Simple really. Not whiteys fault, sorry not sorry.

Anonymous said...

And the core of the problem presents itself. You are so fast to toss out allegations of racism. I'm not anti-black, or anti-semitic, so your strawman fails.

You'd be pleasantly surprised to find that most whites just want blacks to get their shit together. Just the basics. Take personal responsibility, attempt coherent family life, and stop slaughtering each other and blaming whites for the excuse du jour.

Anonymous said...

And most people want to claim credit for a home run when many of us were born on third base.

Anonymous said...

And many more keep crying to the ref when it's their own choices that cause their failure.

Anonymous said...

Hardly an apples to apples comparison. Blacks and whites are equally able to pass on wealth to their descendants. You can debate the impact of events in history, but the truth is that the biggest determinant of success is work and effort in the here and now.

Radical redistribution of wealth fails on two counts. First, it's completely unjust. Second, it doesn't help.

Look at the generations of poverty created by the state's attempt to level the playing field with lots of cash and no real expectations. If welfare worked, we would have seen countless families climbing up out of poverty. Instead, we have subsidized poor choices and the cynical exploitation of the system.

Character is destiny. It's the most important event in any person's life when they realize that they are the one who most deserves credit and blame for their choices. It's the main ingredient in growing up.

So, time to grow up.