Could Mighty Kris Kobach Makes Legal Comeback With Voter Crackdown Redux?!?

A second chance for this politico who was EMBARRASSINGLY SMACKED DOWN BY A MODERATE GRANNY IN HIS OWN BACK YARD here's the sitch:

"A three-judge panel of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals temporarily blocked Kobach in 2016 from fully enforcing the law, calling it "a mass denial of a fundamental constitutional right." The issue is back before the appellate court after U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson struck it down last year and made permanent the earlier injunction."

Now take a look at today's reconsideration:

Kansas hopes to resurrect proof-of-citizenship voting law

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - A federal appeals court will hear arguments Monday over the constitutionality of a struck-down Kansas statute that had required people to provide documents proving their U.S. citizenship before they could register to vote.


  1. This law is needed.

  2. ^^this law is not needed. Lookup poll tax dope.

  3. Let it go....

  4. Idiocracy just never ends.

    Damn, can't KKKobach get a real job?

  5. Waste of time and taxpayers money AGAIN.


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