Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Clay County Audit Push Back Cont'd

The Northland slap fight persists as the Courthouse Insider ploy seems like it's meriting quite a deal of consideration despite the outcry of grassroots activists. Read more:

Clay County asks judge not toss out lawsuit against state auditor


Anonymous said...

2018 records are about to be destroyed once the outside audit has been completed estimated to be done in 60 days. I hear a fat lady singing.

Just a Taxpayer in the County said...

How much tax money did Ridgeway and Owen give Spencer Fane on this latest attempt to keep the State Auditor from doing her Constitutional duties?

And why couldn't the County's Legal Staff have filed this motion?

Jason Withington said...

@436 the county legal staff is Husch Blackwell Lowell Pearson. This case was filed in Cole County. Pearson's office is based out of Cole County. Cole County judges are elected. If you look at the Missouri Ethics Commission reports Pearson has given campaign donations to most of those judges including the one this case is assigned to. That is why they went with Spencer Fane.

Anonymous said...

Ridgeway and Nicole Brown are as corrupt as they come. Get this done!

Anonymous said...

Nolte has been promoting all the controversy at the behest of a developer who wants to regain control of Clay County.
Nolte's first contribution in 2014 was $5,000 from the developer. Millions of dollars in TIF and other incentives are at stake. Nolte's October 11, meeting featured a lecture on TIF from this developer. Nolte has been leading the effort to create controversy in order to discredit the other officeholders in the hope that the others can be easily defeated. Withington has latched on to Nolte as birds of a feather. Check the background of Nolte's first contributor and you will find convincing evidence of criminal activity. Note multiple linked arson fires in Clay and Jackson
County. Mikey Sanders declined to prosecute Nolte's patron.

Anonymous said...

Vic Hurlbert, Pam Mason and William Norris were the last three to be investigated in Clay County. Not a good group for Gene and Luann to be members of. Hurlbert and Norris both resigned office.