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Sign of the times and college campus change worth noting as NEXTGEN perspectives on life and gender roles are now in flux. Read more:

University of Kansas expands transgender student health care

LAWRENCE, KS (AP) - The University of Kansas is expanding care for transgender students at its health center so students no longer have to leave campus to seek hormone therapy. Transgender students will now be able to start and continue hormone therapy through the university's student health center, Watkins Health Services, the Kansas City Star reported.


  1. That's a relief.
    My fake snatch was closing up by mid-terms.

  2. Getting your Bachelors in Gender Studies?

  3. All these very expensive sops for the benefit of a favored few ultimately cause higher tuition and fees. The Kansas legislature should not encourage it. Instead of giving KU more money, require the school to make hard choices to cut costs significantly.

  4. Unfortunately, transgenderism as it is presented in the wider culture is not supported by science. Every one of the trillions of cells in your body is coded one way or the other, unless you have a rare genetic problem.

    The rest is cosplay. Sorry.

  5. The decline of America is progressing nicely.

  6. Health care for humans, didn't they already have that ? Why are psychos treated like they are some how special ?


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